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KidzMondo Doha is an international edutainment park for children between 2 and 14 years, featuring a self-sufficient City built for, and managed solely by Children who will be known as Kidizens. This mini city has its own economy and currency (Kidlar), public services and over 80 different professional role play activities contained within. It is a safe, interactive and educational environment, where kids simulate a profession, wear the respective uniforms and perform the role. Several roles will be available for role play including those of a doctor, pilot, barber, etc.
Children will be attracted to go through the different establishments, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration and adults’ role play. Led by a highly qualified team of more than 115 educators, Kidizens will learn the complexities of the adult professional world. At any point of time, nearly 800 children can be a part of this exclusive facility and experience various pedagogical activities that will educate them about good citizenship
The KidzMondo Doha facility has been certified by Kidproof and is affiliated with IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), which is known for helping its members improve efficiency, marketing and safety along with providing them with workshop and training opportunities. The curriculum has been developed by a university.
Located in the country’s largest and most unique ‘Mall of Qatar’, KidzMondo Doha will span across a built up area of about 8000 m2. The indoor facility in Doha aims to be one of the most visited family attractions in Qatar. The indoor facility is easily accessible by road, trains and the new highway, and will also be connected to the future GCC Inter-rail.


To create awareness through an array of fun and educative activities and unlock imagination and creativity in children by being the number one edutainment destination all over the world.


To a create a world where children socially interact with peers, and where we empower them with knowledge, essential skills and life-lessons in an entertaining way, to help them become well-versed individuals and prepare them for the professional world of adults.


KidzMondo Doha’s constitution and its ideas of equality, respect for all, and the rights for self-expression and creativity are essential. As the children explore the world of KidzMondo, they will be learning valuable lessons in what it means to be a citizen “kidizen”, as well as civic and social responsibility, essential self-reliance, and fiscal maturity. These lessons will stay with them well into their adult life, and serve to prepare the future generation for the tremendous challenges that lie ahead.