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Safety is our top priority at KidzMondo, and we ensure that children can play and discover in a secure and supervised environment. Our team of dedicated Edutainers is committed to providing a nurturing space where kids feel empowered to explore, experiment, and grow at their own pace.

Security is ensured at KidzMondo establishment: A KidzBand: An RFID security bracelet consisting of a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies is tied on children’s wrists to identify and track them inside the city. Apart from the main theme park, security has been ensured in all areas of the mall with the help of security cameras and security forces.
Yes. The facility is fully equipped to help minor injuries. However, for any major medical requirements, the educators / staff have access the required healthcare personnel to assist at the venue.
It is recommended that all kids must be accompanied by their parents inside the indoor park at all times.
Yes. The officials / educators present will make a note of the parents contact details to get in touch with them if needed.